Women who have a passionate vision: the time has come to act

I work with women 45+ who have a passion and a vision to help the world become a healthier more loving place. These women have been successful in other parts of their lives including financially and professionally. But their heart and soul tells them they have a bigger role to play, a bigger impact to make, in part by lifting up and empowering others. They believe their passion will allow them to create a way of making money that is deeply aligned with their values.

Do you struggle to make your vision a reality?

Unfortunately, these women have been unable to get leverage and traction in making their vision a reality. They struggle to be seen and heard and most importantly, they struggle to take action. They know WHAT to do, they have been and are learning HOW to do it, but something keeps them from actually DOING it.

Are your secret stories holding you back?

Something is in their way and they know it by how hard they have to push themselves to make their dream come true. They know it by how much they procrastinate and waste time on unimportant tasks and projects. They know it by how much money they have spent on programs promising them a solution to their problems – but they are still stuck. They know it by the secret stories they tell themselves: they are not good enough, they don’t know enough, other people’s needs have a higher priority than their own, they have to go it alone, life doesn’t support them, they don’t have what it takes.

Are you ready to bring your vision into the world? Are you ready to Thrive?

They may not be able to name what is in their way but they can feel it in every step they take to live an authentic, self-actualized life that cultivates and uses their gifts and talents. They are tired of living this way. They are ready to change and make the most of their life.

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